Recap: Lykke Li at Highline Ballroom

lykke-liI’m a little bit in love with Lykke Li. Gen Y’s Blondie has a verve and style all her own, and her sold-out show at Highline Ballroom last nite was the perfect display for this sultry diva’s talent. I say diva with care, because unlike future and wannabe Madonnas (cough, Lady Gaga), Li’s got swagger for days. 

Dressed like a disheveled elf in black, ruffly tatters, the petite Swede stormed the stage and then proceeded to belt out hard-hitting renditions off her stellar debut, Youth Novels. Her  moves, her voice, and energy were fierce. Even her sexy model-esque bandmates–I swear I’ve seen one in Vogue–could hardly keep up.

Though the crowd was admittedly lagging, (after all, it is hard to get pumped up about heartbreak) Lykke seemed to be having a blast. She effortlessly whipped her songs into meekly-sway-the-hips-from-side-to-side shape. Just watching her felt exciting.

As far as songs go, here’s what stood out: “Everybody But Me” leapt from timid reflection to rousing anthem. The feeling was so not self-conscious and all control. Other melancholic numbers–“Tonight” and “Window Blues,” in particular–also took on surprising, confrontational qualities that worked. Li’s drum pounding (really, she used a stick and everything) and the frightening but so very on-point percussion of her cohorts played no small part in the transformation. 

Meanwhile, Li’s spunky remix of Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” (“I’m a millionaire, I’m not an f-cking millionaire”) injected jiggly booty-bass right where the hipster crowd needed it. 

I’m definitely catching Li next time she’s here. I wouldn’t mind hitting her for style tips, either. But for now, as the Replacements (kinda) intoned, “anything you want dear, I’ll buy, I’ll buy, I’ll buy, buy, buy…” Tonight, Lykke’s Li’s songs suffice. 

On a bloggy note, I promise to upload my vids when I figure this WordPress shizz out. It shouldn’t take long, cause I’m quick like a fox.


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